Marketing is an essential business function that focuses on developing business relationships with a customer. It is responsible for researching what customer’s need and how to satisfy them through product and service development. If you have a marketing degree, you have the opportunity to study the four elements of marketing which are product, price, promotion, and place and how it can help improve brand recognition and keep consumers satisfied. Marketing industry offers a wide variety of jobs depending on your personality. If you enjoy working with people, you can get into the retailing and public relations. If you are strong with analytics, you can get a job as a market research analyst. Marketing can help you with your future career, and here’s why:

1.      Having a licenciatura en mercadotecnia can help you develop and improve your communication skills.

2.      There’s a huge demand for marketers in every business and industry.

3.      It enables you to be flexible when creating smart and creative campaigns for businesses.

4.      You get to improve your analysis and decision-making skills.

5.      An impressive salary awaits when you land a marketing job. Click here UNILA