Looking for a travel sim card you can use for your Australian holiday?

With a variety of options to choose from, picking the best one for your needs can become overwhelming. But you can narrow down your options if you know what to look for in a travel sim card Australia providers offer.

travel sim card

In choosing a sim card check…

The inclusions

Do you get unlimited Wi-Fi data for your $30 or $60 prepaid sim card? How much data can you use? What about calls and texts to Australian numbers and to international numbers?

It will work to your advantage if you know beforehand what you want out of your travel sim card in Australia, so you know what inclusion to look for when shopping for a sim card.

If you want unlimited local talk and text, the Australia Prepaid SIM Card from SimCorner is an ideal choice. For less than $30, you not only get unlimited calls and text but also 8.88 GB 4G Data. There is also a credit to call overseas.

Call charges

Do you see yourself making more international calls than local ones? If so, choose a sim card that suits your call needs.

Some sim cards offer 200 free call minutes back to select countries, such as Canada, France, Germany, Thailand, and the UK. If the country you will be calling to is on the list, you will be able to save on call charges when you choose such a card.

Recharge amount and coverage

In case your sim card runs out of credit, you will have to top it up. Depending on the provider, the recharge amount can be as little as $5 and as high as $99. Make sure to check the number of days you can use the recharged credit before you decide to buy additional credit for your travel sim card.

Do you really need credit for a 60-day period when you’ll only be in Australia for half that time?

It is also important to note how easy or hard it will be to recharge. As much as possible, pick recharge cards that are available in convenience and retails stores across the country. Better yet, look for one that allows you to recharge online.

Use of service

Do you need to register to activate the travel sim card and make calls or use the internet? If this is the case, how user-friendly is the interface that you need to go through? Such details may not seem relevant from the get-go, but it can be stressful when you have a ton of numbers to dial or when you need to download something to get the sim working.

Number of cell sites

This should be the number one consideration because no amount of text and call credit would matter if you can’t do either because of the lack of network service. Yes, you need to know how many cell sites are available across Australia to know how much coverage you can enjoy.

If you don’t have the time to do so, stick to large mobile telecommunication service providers. A sim card from Vodafone New Zealand, for example, provides 97% coverage across the country, what with 1300 cell sites available.

It is easy to find travel sim card Australia offers since there are plenty of providers available. You just need to choose one that will suit your call, text, and browsing needs. For more details, please visit https://www.simcorner.com/shop.html.